Who God made me to be . . .


As a girl, I was a dreamer, a bit lonely, always singing and dancing to the beat of my own drum.

As a teenager, I loved writing and thinking big thoughts, competing at sports, and babysitting kids.

-You made all the delicate, inner partsAs a young woman, I pursued my passions – literature and music – while flexing my entrepreneurial muscles and taking a step into the corporate world as a communications executive.

As an adult, I started my own public relations consulting business – timed nearly perfectly with starting a family – and have been a work-at-home-mom for as long as I can remember. When blogging took the world by storm, I founded ChurchTechToday.com where I connect pastors with practical technology solutions for ministry.

Through it all I’ve journaled, written poems, penned songs, freelanced articles and written professionally for a myriad of websites and publications.

Christ rocked my world at the age of 25 and hasn’t stopped since then – through marriage, through bearing and raising four children, through the ups and downs of life that have run the gamut from emergency surgeries, job opportunities, chronic illness, financial loss, and joyful successes – through it all –  He has carried me and my little family day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

I’m His daughter – ever thankful for the ways he made me and the blessings he continues to pour out over me.

[All photos of Lauren were taken by Tammy Stark, owner of Tammy Stark Photography. Tammy is a wonderfully gifted photographer and friend.]