Be #likeagirl – the Girl you Should be

What does it mean to “run like a girl” or to “throw like a girl?” What are the perceptions of yourself, your daughters, your mother and how to these affect how you view yourself and parent your children?

I recently came across this #likeagirl campaign that Always has kicked off in order to cultivate change in the eyes of ourselves as girls, women, mothers, and daughters, and to help girls navigate the changes that come with puberty.

My daughter is only nine, yet it’s already begun. You probably remember that carefree time of being just a girl with no cares in the world; you were free to play and run and lacked the self-consciousness that pulled you back from your heart’s desire.

What happens when our bodies begin to change? Why do we begin to shut down and shut off certain sides of ourselves in order to conform?

I’m currently reading Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher. Her insight into the lives of girls is amazing and will jar your own memory of transition and cause you to take a good look at your own journey.

How do you approach these issues within your own family?

Lauren Hunter

Lauren is a daughter of Christ, wife, mom of 4, writer, blogger, worship leader and lover of the "big picture" of God's journey we are all on together.

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