Storybook [Poem]

Storybook [Poem]

You were an outsider to me,
one whom I did not know.
Only a man capable of good works,
an excellent teacher.

You increased the loaves and fishes,
how grand—some divine symbol.
You healed the man with leprosy,
how very kind of you
to have compassion on the outcast.

Lunatic, liar, or lord?
You were none to me—
just a main character in
a series of nice stories.

But then you began calling my name–
as if I was in a fairytale
where the characters suddenly
came to life.

I knew your sayings well,
so when you began speaking
them to me,
I was astonished.
You were alive—and real—
Not just a character in a book
I once read.

You called my name,
and I heard you.
I loved the sound of
your sweet voice.
You even held my hand
and urged me not to be afraid.

You told me that I could
be your friend, and you mine.
It would be a relationship like no other,
And would take me to God,
whom I have always longed for,
And thought I already knew.

So you gave me an earnest invitation,
and I accepted.
You held out your hand to me.
I did not waiver,
I took hold
and never looked back.

And now, you never leave my side.
You are in my heart, my soul–
my very being.
I still cannot fathom your love completely,
but now I have a better idea.

The words you once spoke
now have a voice,
And they are sweet to my ears.
You are my Lord,
You have redeemed me,
Thank you, Jesus.


It’s hard to fully grasp how great the love of Jesus Christ is until you join him in relationship. I had heard of the Sinner’s Prayer and experienced people who professed their faith in Christ during the years I spent in private Christian elementary school, but I always felt like an outsider. I did not have a relationship with the risen Savior; I did not know Him as my Lord. I had no understanding of my sin that separated me from God.

It’s tough to always feel like an outsider—whether by upbringing or by choice. Asking God to guide me and reveal himself to me has made all the difference.

John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

[I shared this poem at a recent conference I attended of people with people (like myself) who have left the Christian Science faith, called Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists.]

Lauren Hunter

Lauren is a daughter of Christ, wife, mom of 4, writer, blogger, worship leader and lover of the "big picture" of God's journey we are all on together.

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